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Filles du Roi. Daughters of the King. These ladies, in large part, started the French Canadian population explosion that has, over 350 years, spread across North America. France was colonizing in North America. She had fur traders, farmers, settlers, and soldiers in New France. The King realized that for the new colony to thrive there must be marriageable women. The King offered 50 livres dowry in addition to whatever the lady brought with her. He also sponsored her transportation. There is a very specific timeframe that identifies the Filles du Roi. They came between 1663 and 1673. There were some 770 of them. These were not ladies of ill repute. Some were from wealthy families. With all that is written about them the details of "why" they chose to come to New France are, for the most part, lost to history. They may have made this choice because their chances of a wealthy marriage in France weren't good or in many cases their father or both parents were dead and they were orphaned. One can only hope that at least one made the journey merely to experience the unknown and satisfy a pioneer spirit.

The combined Hardy family line is privileged to claim no less than 12 Filles du Roi. Marie Poire is a direct Hardy ancestor. She married the progenitor Jean Francois Hardy in 1666.

Please click on the list of ladies below. Learn alittle about them. Each, in their own way, is unique.

                 The Arrival of the Filles du Roi 1667

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   Auvray, Marie

  Baillon, Catherine

  Bassett, Catherine

  Confland, Marie

  Fresset, Jeanne

  Gargotine, Louise

  Godillion, Elizabeth

  Guillaume, Marie

  Petit, Jeanne

  Poire, Marie

  Prevost, Marguerite

  Targer, Marie

The following was supplied by Helen Manley

                  Marie Madeleine Auvray  

Marriage contract # DGFC 1:420

She was born Rouen, Normandie, France the daughter of the deceased Antoine Auvrey
and Marie Lenormand, of the parish of Saint Vivien de Rouen.  Her parents were married
August 22, 1649.  She married Nicholas Matte October 12, 1671 in Quebec.  (Her
marriage contract was signed by notary Bequet October 10, 1671.)  Her dowry was
estimated at 300 livres and 50 from the King of France.

Le patronyme de la mere de cette fille n'est pas inscrit dans le contrat de mariage ni dans
L'Act D'Etat Civil.  Le Pere Godinot ecrit qu'on ne trouve, a cette epoque, qu'un seud
Antoine Auvrey dans les registres de la paroisse de Saint Vivien de Rouen.

(Loose translation)   The surname of the mother of this girl is not registered in the
marriage contract nor in the Act of Marital Status.  Ie. Father Godinot writes that one does
not find, at this time, that an Antoine Auvrey in the Registers of the Parish of Saint Vivien
of Rouen.


Catherine de Baillon   

Catherine de Baillon is our link to Royalty.  Visit The Royal Connection to read more
about her and her family.

Marriage Contract # DGFC1 1:436

She was born in the village of Montfor-la-Morelle (Beauce), France, daughter of
Alphonse Baillion and Louis de Marle.  She married Jacques Milville dit Deschanes
November 12, 1669 at Quebec.  The marriage contract was signed October 19th before
notary Duquet.

Nous lisons dans ce contrat que led futur expoux a recognu et confesse que lad.  Furture
espouse a appone contant avec elle la somme de mil livres.  C'ete fille appartenait a une
famille qui avait quelques bien.

(Loose translation)   The future spouse confessed and recognized that the wife to be had a thousand livres and came from a very well to do family.


Catherine Basset   

Marriage Contract # DGFC 1:80:28

Catherine Basset was born in saint-Ouen, Normandie, 1651, the daughter of deceased Guillaume and Marguerite Carte.  The marriage with Pierre Bourgoin det le Bourguignon
took place October 16, 1667 at Quebec.  The contract was signed by notary Rageot
October 9, 1667.

Une sentance de conseilsouverain du 19 Aout 1675 la condanma de vuider dans trois jour
cette ville (Quebec) et banlieue, attendu se mauvaise reputation.  Las parents de cette fille
ne sont jamais venus en Nouvelle France, contrairement a ce que Tanguay ecrit.

(Loose translation)  A sentence of  the Sovereign Council of August 19, 1675 condemned
to be void for three days in this city (Quebec) and suburbs, awaiting proof of a bad
reputation.  The parents of this girl never came to New France, contrary to what Tanguay
has written.


Marie Confland   

Marriage Contract # DGFC 1:508

Marie Francoise de Conflans was born in the town of Conflans, Normandie, the daughter
of Charles de Conflans and Marguerite Roissier.  She contracted for marriage with
Charles Racin (Racine) October 11, 1667 at Quebec, the contract being witnessed by notary Bequet July 30th.

Elle etait une fille de qualite que signa avec de compagnes, une protestation Juin 17, 1667
a Dieppe (ef Sylvine Careireux)  Le contrat de mariage etant introuvable.  Il n'est pas
possible de savoir et elle appota quelques biens.

(Loose translation)  She was a girl of quality that signed with partners, a protest June 17,
1667 at Dieppe Normandie.  (ef Sylvine Careireux),  The marriage contract being
untraceable.  It is not possible to know if the contract but she brought some goods with


Jeanne Fresset  

Marriage Contract # DGFC 1:428

Jeanne was born at Saint Nicolas-des-Champs, Paris, France (Ile-de-France) in 1653, the
daughter of Aandre Fresset and Marie Avisse.  She signed a contract of marriage with
Etienne Jacob witnessed by notary Bequet August 31, 1670 BUT THIS CONTRACT
WAS ANNULLED.  The contract was revalidated October 10, 1670 again witnessed by
notary.  Bequet and the marriage was celebrated October 14, 1670 at Quebec.  The girl
brought a good dowry estimated at 800 livres and a donation from the King of 50 livres.


Louise Gargotine   

1. Perron, Daniel, dit Suire, Feb. 26, 1664, Chateau-Richer, Quebec, m. 2. Alain, Charles-
Louis, Jan. 7, 1679.
(Our line goes through her first marriage to Daniel Perron)


Elizabeth Godillion   

Marriage Contract # DGFC 1:225

Elizabeth was born in the village of Blois, Orleanaid, France in 1651, daughter of the
deceased Nicolas Godillon and ;Marie Bonlay.  She married Leonard Ethier, September
22, 1670 in Montreal, Quebec.

Il n'est pas question au contrat de diens apportes par cette fille.

(Loose Translation)  There is not a question with the contract of goods brought by this girl.

Marie Guillaume   

Marriage Contract # DGFC 1:403,431

Marie was born in Saint Medard de Paris, Iil-de-France in 1652,  the daughter of Dennis
Guillaume and Anne Caron.  She married first Nicolas Maheu January 15, 1673 L'Ange
Gardien.  The contract signed January 1 before notary Auber.

Note:  Our line comes through the above union.

She married secondly Laurent Migneron at the Habitant of Saint Joachim in 1675 on the
coast of Beaupre.  The contract was signed May 11, 1675 before notary Vachon.

The Civil Registration of the second marriage is not to be found.  Laurent Migneron and
Marie Guillaume were listed in the 1681 census as living in the Seigneurie of Beaupre and
had two children, Francois and Marie age respectively 5 and 2 years.  The three other
infants were from the Maheu first marriage of Marie Guillaume to Nicolas Maheu.

Note:  Nicolas must have died between 1673 and 1675.


Jeanne Petit   

Marriage Contract # DGFC 1:172

Jeanne was born at La Rochelle (Aunnis) France in 1656, daughter of the deceased Jean
Petit and Jeanne Godreau.  She contracted marriage with Francois Sequin dit Laderoute
October 31, 1672 at Boucherville.  The contract was signed September 21 before notary

Jeanne was born about 1656 and was an orphan in Rochelle, France.  She came to Canada
aboard the "Hope" with 125 filles de roi.

Il n'est pas question au contrat de diens apportes par cette fille.  Dans le ciqu contrats de
mariage ou Frerot redigea pour des Filles du Roi, il n'inscrivit des diens que dans un.

(Loose translation)  It is not in question, the contract of goods brought by this girl.  In the
five marriage contract of Frerot for Daughter of the King.  He registered goods only in


Marie Poire   

Marriage Contract # DGFC 1:299

Marie was born in Saint Laurent de Paris, Ile-de-France in 1641, the daughter of the
deceased Toussaint Poire and Catherine Chaton.  She signed a marriage contract with Jean
De Lalond September 27, 1669 which was annulled.  This was signed before notary

She marrid Jean Hardy, October 21, 1669 at Pointe-aux-Trembes, Quebec.  This
marriage contract was signed October 14, 1669 before notary Duquet.  Her dowry was
estimated at 950 livres and 50 from the King.

The contract passed to the house of Madame Jeanne Bourdon.


Marguerite Le Provost   

Marriage contract # DGFC 1:590,236

Absence of certain documents make it impossible to trace her origins.  She married
Jacques Voyne in the region of Montreal in 1668, the contract signed April 9. 1668 before
the notary Basset.  They bought a concession of land from Mathurin Martin December 14,
1670, witnessed by notary Basset.  The couple were listed in the 1681 census as living at
Isle de Sainte-Therese with a child of ten years.

Marie Le Provost remarried to Etienne Forestier the 20th of November 1701 in Varennes.


Marie Targer   

Marriage Contract # DGFC 1:526,570

Marie was born at La Rochelle, Aunnis, France 1641, daughter of Daniel Targer and
Marie Martin.  She married first, Jean Royer November 2, 1663 at Chateau Richer,
Quebec.  The marriage contract was signed before notary Auber October 9, 1663.  She
had a dowry of 150 livres (no mention of any from the King)

She married secondly, Robert Tournerouche February 17, 1676 at Sainte-Famille,