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George Lardy and Esther Beauchamp

The picture sent to me is a photo taken of the original tintype.  It is very old
and the checking can be seen in the photo.  Don't let the photo appearance
fool you as to the age of the picture.  It is marvelous.

George Lardy was born in 1810 Montreal and his wife
Esther Beauchamp was born in 1821.  This picture is
a rare find and respecting the wishes of the contributor
I have disabled the copy function.  Please enjoy the wonderful
photo but please respect the wishes of the owner of this
picture.  When I have permission to I will add more information
regarding the owner who deserves a public thankyou for
sending this treasure for the descendants of this couple
to enjoy.  Without your kindness many would have
never seen a relative of this generation.