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Before the King's Daughters were the Filles a Marier or marrigable girls.  They came to New France between 1634-1662.  In all there were 262 of them.  Again these were not ladies of ill repute but adventurous pioneer women.  They all have there own stories .  They came to hopefully marry and make a life for themselves.  New France was desperate to keep men here but with the lack of woman to settle with them were leaving to return to France.

Below is a list of our ancestors who are on the Filles a Marier list.  Eleven have been identified.

Marie Crevet married Robert Caron
and remarried Noel Langlois.
She is a grandmother to our family
through both marriages.

Marie Grandry (Granderie) married
Jacques Laurent, dit Pontiff

Marie Oudin married Francois Gariepy

Suzanne Betfer (Bedford) married
Mathieu Hubou, dit Longchamps

Marie  Lorgueil married Toussaint Hunault

Francoise Benard married Marin Janot,
dit Lachapelle

Francoise Grenier married Noel Langlois
making Noel a grandfather through both
marriages (see Marie Crevet above).

Marie Charlotte De Poitiers married
Simon Lefebvre

Marguerite Charlot married Louis Loisel

Catherine Forestier married Jacques
Menard, dit Lafontaine

Marthe Arnu married Pierre Richaume,
dit Petrus.