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The person who supplied this information is living therefore I will not be using any names to identify anyone.

One of the cousins from Michigan supplied information that is relevant to determining the Native connection in this family.  As I have already stated it is information conferred in the tradition Aboriginal way.  It is in the form of a story passed from one generation to the next.  

Our Michigan cousin says that his Mother always said she was 1/4 Indian.  This lady was the daughter of one of Marguerite Beauchamp and Jean Baptiste's sons.  She was the granddaughter of Marguerite Beauchamp Lardie.  As the granddaughter was only 3 when Marguerite died she was too young to remember her but not too young to hear of her.  They lived and died in the same city so the family wasn't isolated from each other.  There is no reason to believe that if she acknowledged her heritage that is was true.

Our Michigan cousin had an older brother.  He related spending time with an uncle, who under investigation was probably his Mother's uncle, that used to tell him about native ways and traditions and would go on the land, from time to time, to live like his ancestors.  This man was the son of Marguerite Beauchamp and Jean Baptiste Lardie.

Marguerite Beauchamp's story is that she is Ottawa Indian.  The Ottawas are part of the Ojibwas.  The Ojibwa people were spread from north of the western Great Lakes and southwest around the Detroit area and on into the Plains area.  The picture below is of Pontiac the great Ottawa Chief.

Ottawa Chief

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Above is Marguerite Beauchamp Hardy.
This is from the picture on the Hardy Boys page.
She has features that could be Native.  She
certainly doesn't look like her children.