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Jean Proulx

There were three pioneers with the surname Proulx. Our Jean Proulx was the most prolific.

These families originated in Poitou and Anjou. In the 17th century the surname was written Prou or alternatively Preu. In old French as an adjective it meant "valiant" and as an adverb it was "much".

Jean Proulx was the son of Jean and Louise Valley. They came from Saumur in the department of Maine and Loire. Their parish was Notre Dame de Nantilly. Their church is still there and has been since the first half of the 12th century. It is noted for it's remarkable collection of old tapestries. There is a massive Castle there that dominates the city.

On June 5, 1673, Jean signed a marriage contract with Jacquette Fournier, daughter of Guillaume and Francoise Hebert in front of the notary Romain Becquet. The priest who performed the ceremony was Louis Ango de Maizerets.

The Proulx/Fournier couple are found in Montmagny, Quebec.

They had 17 children, 7 males and only 1 died young. All the rest grew and married.

Jean Proulx died in Montmagny on February 28, 1703. Jacquette out lived him by 35 years.