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Those Silly Family Stories

When you started asking about your Lardie family did someone give you a "true" story?

Did someone tell you that you were related to a Marquis?

Well I was told stories by my Grandfather Louis Alexander Lardie

Story 1:

We were loyalists!

Ok. I have family on my Dad's side who were United Empire Loyalists. Grampa kept me hopping for literally years on this one. In the War of Independence there were Patriots and Loyalists. Finally I find out that in the Rebellion of 1837 in Quebec they had Patriots and Loyalists. Not quite the same. The Patriots preferred to keep Quebec purely French and the Loyalists were willing to work with the English. Francois Hardy signed the Loyalist list. Hence a true story just misleading.

Story 2:

We've been in Canada so long we're Indian.

My grandfather said "we've been in Canada so long that we are Indian".  I thought he was using his form of exaggeration meaning we'd been here a long time.  After meeting the Michigan side of the family I am convinced there is Native American blood in the family.  Some of the Michigan family think Marguerite Beauchamp (her sisters would be included) was 1/2 Indian.  That line I haven't been able to verify but it is through either the Goulet or Morin family. I'm still working on this.  Marguerite's picture is on the Hardy Boys page and she looks native.  If anyone reading this page has further knowledge of this or has had the same story pasted through their branch of the family please contact me!

Story 3:

The family came into Ontario by bateau. Sometimes the story was by canoe.

I belong to a Marine list so I inquired as to whether a bateau was a specific vessel or would it just be the French word for boat. Well here is a picture of one. It is a large canoe with a sail and a very specific type of boat. It was used to move people up the St. Lawrence and also into Lake Ontario which, by the way, was an arduous voyage. Creeping the shore and moving in stages so as not to be caught on the rough lake. They also had to portage the rapids west of Montreal. Quite the feat.

Story 4

This from the Michigan family. We were related to a Marquis!

I have managed to uncover a number of Kings, The King of the Franks Charlemagne, and light-heartedly given you Adam and Eve. Hope this is enough to make you forget the Marquis.

Story 5

We are Scottish descendants!

When a family member comes up with this one it is terrifying. I'm going back over everything I've found. I can't find a break in my work. Then I remember by Grandfather using French words for food. He could sing French songs. Never once do I remember him doing a Highland Fling however he did a jig or clog at me wedding as promised. I opted to stay with the French Ancestry I'd worked on for so long.

If you have any stories please submit them to me and I'll tell you if I've found anything to verify it in my research. I'll post them here with the replies.