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Jean Francois Hardy

In 1661 a fleet of four ships arrives in Quebec: Tareau, the Marie, the Marguerite and the St-Pierre. Three ships arrived in the last week of August, the other arrives in September. Of the 300 new immigrants 34 were to go to Montreal. Jean Hardy was indentured to the Sulpiciens for 3 years in Montreal. He came from Normandy and service contract
was signed on June 13 1661 in France. He will receive 165 pounds for the three years.
In the 1666 census he is found in Quebec working as a servant for Mister d'Auteuil, adviser to the King and is the sovereign consultant of New France. Jean is 20 years old
and single. At the end of his contract he marries Marie
Poire and settles permanently in Neuville as of 1668. Marie
is the daughter of Toussaint Poire and Catherine Chaton.
She came to New France as a Fille de Roi. Marie came from a fairly well to do family. Her dowry totalled 1000 pounds
which in the day was a large sum. The couple have six children, four boys. Pierre takes on the dit name of Chatillon. Thus two lines are formed. Hardy and Hardy dit Chatillon. Our family line continues on through the son Pierre who married Marie Charlotte Lefebrve, dit Angers. They lived in Cap Sante and had 11 children. Today the Hardy name is mainly around Cape-Heath, St-Basile and Neuville. Obviously we find Hardys everywhere in the province, Canada and the United States.In 1681 the Hardys are prosperous. Jean has
cleared 25 acres of ground, has a rifle and 10 animals with horns. The land that he acquired in 1668 is close to Neuville. It is number 202 in the official land register. Today there is a Jean Hardy street and a river bearing his name at Neuville.