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Jacques Archambault

Archambaldus: Germanic given name, Latinized, which means "bold native".

Jacques Archambault and Francoise Tourault are the only ancestors
of the numerous family that bears the Archambault name.

Jacques and Francoise were both natives of Dompierre-sur-Mer, in
the region of La Rochelle, in [the Department of] Charente-Maritime, formerly the French Province of Aunis.

Son of Antoine Archambault and Renee Ouvrard, Jacques was born in 1604. Francoise was born about 1599. Both lived in Dompierre, in the village of Lardilliere.

Jacques and Francoise were married on 24 January 1629, at Saint-Philibert of Pont-Charault, in [the former province of] Poitou, in France. Jacques was a farmer and vintner. Between 1630 and 1644,
Francoise gave him seven children, two sons and five daughters.

About 1645, together with Pierre Legardeur de Repentigny, leader of
the Company of Settlers [la Compagnie des Habitants], the couple embarked for New France, accompanied by six children.

Your line continued on through Jacques' daughter Marie Archambault, born before 1638 in France, who married Gilles Lauzon, born before 1638 in France, the son of Pierre Lauzon and Anne Boivin. Marie and Gilles were married November 27, 1656 in Montreal.

In 1647, the faarmer Jacques Archambault become tenant of a plot of land in the domain of Lachesnaye. On 15 September 1651, he
obtained a land grant at Cap Rouge. In 1654, the colonist finally established himself on the Isle of Montreal, on a parcel of land near
the actual Place d'Armes.

The sinking of the first well in Montreal is attributed to Jacques Archambault, on 11 October 1658, on behalf of Paul de Chomedy
[Sieur de Maisonneuve]. On 9 December 1663, the body of Francoise Tourault, aged 64 years, was buried.

In 1666, at Trois-Rivieres, Jacques Archambault signs a contract of marriage with Marie Denot de la Martiniere, herself twice widowed.

At the 1681 census, Jacques and Marie were living in the fief of Verdun, on the outskirts of Montreal.

Our ancestor Jacques Archambault was buried at Montreal on 15 February 1688, at the age of 84 years.

It is through Jacques that we have a common grandfather with Pierre Elliot Trudeau former Prime Minister of Canada.