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Francois Seguin, dit Laderoute

Francois is the first Seguin who arrived in New France and is the forebearer of most Seguin in North America.

He was baptized on July 4 1644 in St.-Aubin-de-Bray, Picardy, Oise, France.

Francois left home very young and enrolled in the Carignan Regiment. He was in the Delemongue company of Marsal, Lorraine, France. He arrived in New France with his company in 1665.
In 1668 the governor asks for troops to protect Montreal and Francois goes. No one knows the origin of the nickname or dit name Laderoute.

After the demobilization of his regiment on September 14, 1671, in Boucherville, Francois rents 50 acres of land for 2 years. He is to clear 2 acres a year.

Francois met Jeanne Petit a Fille de Roi. She came to Quebec in 1656 as an orphan from Rochelle, France. Jeanne came on board the "Hope" with a quota of 125 girls under the protection of the King of France. On Wednesday, September 21, 1672 a marriage contract is signed between Francois and Jeanne, daughter of Jean Petit and Jeanne Gaudreau of St. Marguerite, Rochelle, Normandy, France. On Monday October 31 1672 they marry in Boucherville and are the seventh marriage registered there.

On September 22 1672 Francois buys a house on property that is 2 acres wide by 25 acres deep from Pierre Chaperon which is located in the seigniory of Boucherville.

In the 1681 census Francois Seguin lives between Jacques Menard a cartwright and Jacques Bourdon who has only 1 horned animal and 6 cultivated acres and is listed as a weaver.

Francois and Jeanne have 11 children. Our line continues through their son Pierre born 1682 who married Barb Filion in 1704. They had 9 children.

The elder Francois Seguin died May 9 1704 at the age 59 years at Hotel Dieu Quebec and was buried on May 10th.

Jeanne Petit Seguin died at the age of 77 on Sunday March 29, 1733 in Longueuil and was buried the following day.

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