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Etienne Contant (Content)

Etienne Contant came to Quebec as a Carignan Soldier in the Monteil company in 1665. He is said to have come from Buire or Berry in France. His marriage contract says Burie which is near Cognac.

The Carignan Soldiers were originally brought to New France to quell the Iroquois uprisings. With that done in 1667 27 of the 50 Monteil company soldiers opted to remain in New France. Etienne had been in Simon Laireau on the I'Ile de Orleans.

Before the notary Pierre Duquet, September 23, 1669, Etienne signed a marriage contract with Anne Laine, daughter of Emmanuel and Jeanne Legrand who was born in the area of Chartres, France.
They were married the following October 14th and are recorded in the registers of Sainte-Famille, I'Ile de Orleans.

There were six children from this marriage.
1. Jean born 1671 who is said to have died in the Strait in 1732 with no known children.
2. Marie Anne born 1673 who married Francois Darveau in 1691. They 5 children and she died in Charlesbourg in 1711.
3. The third is the line that leads to the Lardie family. Etienne, named for his father, was born in 1676. In 1700 he married in Castle-Richer. Etienne married Marie Belanger, daughter of Charles and Barb Cloutier. [NOTE: Charles Belanger and Barb Cloutier our grandparents of ours through their son Alexis] Barb died and in 1713 Etienne remarried Marie Francoise Bazinet, dit Tourblanche, daughter of Antoine Bazinet, dit Tourblanche and Francoise Janot. Our line continues through their daughter Marie Anne Bazinet born 1726. Etienne and Francoise had 7 children born in Pointe-aux-Trembles, Terrebonne and St. Francois I'Ile de Jesus.
4. Marie Anglique is baptized in Quebec in 1679 so the family apparently moved by this time. She married Mathieu Mirault.
5. Pierre is then born in Charlesbourg in 1682.
6. Andre is born in 1684 in Charlesbourg and marries in 1712 in Neuville. He married Marie Anne Sylvestre, daughter of Nicolas and Barb Neveu. [NOTE: Nicolas Syvestre and Barb Neveu are also grandparents of ours through Marie Anne's sister Marie Francoise who married Laurent Matte]

The ancestor Etienne died relatively young in 1685 and is buried in Charlesbourg. His widow Anne remarried Rene Bisson and had three more girls.

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