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Antoine Bazinet, dit Tourblanche

Antoine Bazinet is the ancestor of the name Bazinet in North America. He was the son of a ploughman, Jean Bazinet of Saint Anthony de Tourblanche born Perigueux, Perigord, Dordogne, France. He came to the country on August 18, 1665 aboard the ship "Peace" as a soldier in the Carignan Regiment in the company of LaMotte. After the dismemberment of the troops in 1668 in worked in the fur trade. Six years later on August 6 1674 he married Francoise Janot, daughter of Marin and Francoise Benard. His union produced 9 children. Three sons and six daughters. All three sons married. [The Lardie line continued through the union of Marie Bazinet and Etienne Contant son of Etienne Contant, Carignan Soldier---you can see his biography from the main Carignan Soldiers page]

The census of 1681 shows Antoine and Francoise lived in Pointe-aux-Trembles. They had only 3 acres of cultivated land. It would appear that fur trading remained his main livelihood. He died in Pointe-aux-Trembles, 1729 at the approximate age of 82 years.

NOTE: Antoine Bazinet is interesting in the fact he was a fur trader. I have found his son Joseph Bazinet, dit Tourblanche in Cadillac's Detroit. The fur traders are a massive study on their own.

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