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Pierre Elliott


Ever the politician
Ever the rose

Pierre Trudeau as I prefer him,
 always comfortable with who he was.

Pierre Trudeau was a former Prime Minister of Canada. A superb politician and Canada's bad boy. He made a slip on camera and used the famous four letter word which Canadians now refer to as "fuddle duddle" and made faces behind the Queen of England. Not proper but as a French Canadian Pierre Trudeau was definitely not a Monarchist. He was loved passionately and hated passionately and still, in my humble opinion, Canada's best Prime Minister. He made the office human. At his funeral Fidel Castro sat beside Jimmy Carter. There aren't many men who could bring Castro away from Cuba and put him in close contact with the US. However the Americans sent Mr. Carter to represent them and in doing so sent one of their countries best ambassadors.
The Lardie family claims a relationship with Pierre Trudeau through the common grandparents Jacques Archambault and Francoise Tourneau, Zacharie Cloutier and Xaintes DuPont and Helen Desportes (her second marriage/not through her husband).