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Name Dropping

When you work for years on a project such as this you need some perks. It becomes tiresome and sometimes just plain boring. Every once in a while you find a gem. Sometimes a pirate or poet or singer or dirty rotten scoundrel. No matter who it just gives you a lift and seems to put a bounce in your step for awhile.
Well next time you are at a party and someone gives you "everyone thinks they are going to find they are related to royalty, but it never happens" you can tell them about King Louis the fat, or King Robert or King Phillip or Charlemagne but they'll just look at you like you are from mars.

They need something they can relate to.
Try mystery relative #1 . This is an eye opener!

When they recover from that one try
mystery relative #2.  
Hint: Make sure you are humming!

Now tell them you are not only talented but athletic and drop mystery relative #3. 

And I apologize to the American cousins that I can't hand you George Washington but considering, if you are on this site, that your roots are Canadian then enjoy
mystery relative #4. 

I've just found this one.  Shouldn't be too big a
surprise if you've read the names in the files.
mystery relative #5

Here is a REAL shocker.  Hang onto your
hats because she's practising wearing them!
mystery relative #6