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Friends, Romans

The following is Charlemagne's history back through the Roman Emperors. I didn't invent the information nor research it. It is recorded and most of these people are in the Encyclopedia. Read for yourself. The parents are given in most cases. It starts with the parents of Charlemagne.

Pepin/Le Bref/ b. 714 m. Bertrade b. at. 720
bef. 742

Charles Martel b. bef. 676, Belgium m. Suanichilde

Pepin \D'Heristal\ b. abt. 635, Belgium, m. Alpheida b. abt 654, Belgium

Ansigise b. abt. 605, Austrasia, m. Bogga

St Arnould Ii Arnulphe b. abt 582, Austrasia m. Dode b. abt 586, Old Saxony

Arnould I, d. 606 m. Oda

Ausbert, d. 617, m. Blitilde

Ferreolus III, m. Industrie

Sigimorius, b. 540

Clovis, b. 511

Childeric I, b. 481

Meroveus, b. bef. 450

Pharamond, b. 428

Clodius VII, b. 429

Marcomir VII, m. Argotta

Marcomir VII, b. 404

Clodius VI

Dagobert II, b. 379

Genebald I, b. 368

Dogobert I, b. 317

Walterus, b. 306

Clodius III, b. 298

Bartherius, b. 272

Hilderic, b. 253

Huano, b. 213

Pharabert, b. 186

Clodomir IV, b. 166

Marcomir IV, b. 149

Clodimir IV, b. 128

Richemir I, b. 114



Clodomir III

Marcomir III

Clodius II





Clodomir II

Antenor III, b. 143 BC

Clodius I, b. 159 BC

Marcomir II, b. 170 BC

Nicanor I

Clodomir I

Bassanus Magnus, b. 250 BC

Diocles, b. 300 BC

Helenus I, b. 339 BC

Priamus, b. 358 BC

Antenor II, 384 BC

Marcomir I, b. 412 BC

Antenor I, b. 443 BC