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Catherine de Baillon is the lady who leads us to a royal hertitage. She was a Fille du Roi who came to New France. Catherine was from a fairly well to do family. She carried a dowry of 950 livres plus 50 livres from the King of France. See the Filles du Roi page to understand the meaning and intention of these ladies.
Catherine married Jacques Miville dit Deschenes on November 12, 1669 at Notre Dame in Quebec.
The De Baillon name links to our family through the female lines. You will find her by tracing the Beauchamp family. Three Beauchamp sisters (Esther, Marguerite and Rose) married into "The Hardy Boys".
If you visit the Catherine Baillon site you will see the researchers have done extensive work on her line. There is a book available with all her documentation from France.

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Ascending Lineage from Catherine Baillon to Charlemagne

1. Catherine Baillon & Jacques Miville dit Deschenes, m. November 12, 1669 Notre-Dame, Quebec.

2. Alphonse Baillon, sieur (gentleman) of La Mascotterie, & Louise de Marle, m. between 1630-1640, region de Chevreuse (Yvelines)

3. Renee Maillard & Adam Baillon, Lord of Valence, m. in 1580.

4. Miles Maillard, Lord de Breuil and of La Boissiere & Marie Morant, m. June 25 1555.

5. Benigne Le Bouteillier, Lady of La Boissiere & Jacques Maillard, Lord of Champaigne, m. April 16, 1516.

6. Jean Le Bouteillier, seigneur (gentleman) of La Bouteillerie, of Roquemont, of Vaux-sur-Orge et of La Boissiere & Marie of Venois, m. between 1480-1490.

7. Guy II Le Bouteillier, seigneur of La Boiuteillerie and of La Roche-Guyon & Isabeau Morhier, m. in 1450.

8. Catherine of Gavre d'Escornaix, Lady of Vaux-sur-Orge and of La Boissiere & Guy I Le Bouteillier, seigneur of La Bouteillerie and of la Roche-Guyon, m. after April of 1419 and before 1425.

9. Lsabelle of Ghistelles & Arnould VI of Favre, Baron of Escornaix, m. between 1380-1390.

10. Roger of Ghistelles, seigneur of Dedzeele and of Sraten & Marguerite, Lady of Dudzeele, m. in or alittle before 1357.

11. Jean IV, seigneur of Ghistelles & Marie of Haverskerke, Lady of Straten, m. after June 1337.

12. Marguerite of Luxembourg & Jean III, seigneur of Ghistelles, m. after 1284 but before June 1289.

13. Mathilde of Cleves & Gerard of Luxembourg, seigneur of Durbury, m. 1253.

14. Elisabeth of Brabant & Thierry of Cleves, seigneur of Dinslaken, m. March 19, 1233, Louvain.

15. Maire of France & Henri I, Duke of Brabant, m. April 8/22, 1213, Soissons.

16. Philippe II (Augustus), King of France & Anges d'Andechs of Meranie, m. June 1196.

17. Louis VII, King of France & Adele of Blois of Champagne, m. October 18, 1160.

18. Louis VI, King of France & Adelaide of Savoie, m. 1115.

19. Philippe I, King of France & Berthe of Hollande, m. 1071/1073.

20. Henre I, King of France & Anne of Russie, m. May 19, 1051, Reims.

21. Robert II, King of France & Constance of Provence, m 1003/1005.

22. Hugues (Capet), King of France & Adelaide N..., m. summer 968.

23. Hugues (The Grand), Duke of France & Hedwige of Saxe, m. May 9/September 14, 938.

24. Beatrice of Vermandois & Robert I, King of France, m. before 895.

25. Heribert I, Count of Vermandois & N......

26. Pepin, Count in the region of Paris & N.....

27. Bernard, King of Italy, & N....., m. before 815.

28. Pepin I, King of Italy & N....., m. before 795.

29. Charles I dit Charlemagne, King of the Franks and Emperor of the West & Hildegard N...., m. 771.